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Fraser Lakes Golf Club is made up of a small band of dedicated members who share their passion for this great game in a friendly atmosphere at the privately owned “Fraser Lakes Golf Course”.  We work closely with course owner Kathy Cameron and her family, to promote the Golf Club, The Facility and the Game. 
In the last couple of years we have grown the membership from less than 20 to a current tally of 65 financial members.  This increase has enabled us to make considerable improvements to the playing conditions of the golf course.  Our Maintenance/Greens Director (Bevan Dingle), has worked wonders with a number of volunteers from our club, and also outside our club to ensure the equipment is in safe working order to continue these vast improvements.

To: Fraser Lakes Golf Club Members
From: FLGC Management Committee
Date: 15 Jan 19
Subject: FLGC Constitution and By-Laws Reference: AGM dated 25 Nov 18
Dear Members,
1. The following was passed at the referenced AGM: Review of Constitution: It was revealed that the Constitution was out of date and failed to cover the requirements of a modern Club in particular reporting requirements for subsidiary associations of the main Club. It was moved that the Constitution be reviewed. Moved Peter Craig Seconded Dale Mckeough. Carried
2. A review of the FLGC Constitution and By-Laws has been completed as directed. The Constitution now requires assessment by Members and approval by Special General Meeting. The By-Laws have been approved by the Management Committee.
3. Copies of the revised Constitution (with By-Laws included) are available at the Clubhouse. The Master is not to be removed. Members may also view the documents at www.fraserlakesgolfclub.com.au or request a copy from the Secretary.
4. A Special General Meeting of the FLGC Club Members will be held Sunday 17th February 2019 for discussion and subject to members vote approval of the revised Constitution.
We thank you for your co-operation
Yours Sincerely,
FLGC Management Committee


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